Which brand of outdoor power supply is good? How to choose outdoor power supply?

2023-03-15 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

How to choose outdoor power supply? Mainly from several aspects to consider:

1. Battery capacity: It is recommended to choose a large-capacity outdoor power supply to avoid repeated charging.

2. Output power: When buying a power supply, you must know the power or battery capacity of the device to be loaded, so that you can know which power supply to buy and whether it can drive it.

3. Batteries: The main consideration when buying a power supply is also the battery. The battery can realize over-current protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, over-power protection, over-temperature protection, etc. A good battery has a long life and excellent performance. Stable and safe.

4. Charging method: when the power supply is idle, the way to charge the power supply: the general power supply has three charging methods: mains power, car charger, and solar panel charging. You can choose according to your needs.

5. Diversity of output functions: AC, DC, car charging port, DC round port, USB, Type-C fast charging, wireless charging, lighting and other functions can be selected according to the needs.

Compared with ordinary mobile power supplies, the outdoor power supply has the biggest feature: it supports 220V AC, and the high-power outdoor power supply is not a problem for camping and cooking outdoors. It can even charge electric vehicles. It is a fully functional and powerful Portable "power station".

stw power station

Here are some useful outdoor power supplies for everyone

STW fast charging outdoor power supply

Brand: STW is a technology company that focuses on the research and development and sales of mobile energy storage products. It always insists on independent research and development, rooted in domestic production, and currently has users all over the world. Through continuous technology research and development and product innovation, STW has created a mobile energy storage power supply, bringing users a more friendly, convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly power consumption experience, and is committed to accelerating the popularization of clean energy on a global scale.

STW fast charging outdoor power supply uses UL-certified high-rate batteries, which are safe and fast charging, and have a long cycle life. It takes less than 100 minutes to fully charge, and the charging speed is three times faster. And it adopts MPPT intelligent algorithm, maximum power point tracking, and solar charging board to enjoy green energy. Equipped with BMS eight-layer safety protection, intelligent battery management system, monitoring, protection, balance, alarm, safe and reliable.

STW Outdoor Power Supply Quick Charge 600

STW outdoor power supply 600 has three output sockets, 622Wh high power, and all kinds of power supply. It can charge, supply power, and use electricity for a variety of electrical equipment. Multiple devices can be charged at the same time without interfering with each other. The built-in 220V AC inverter supports power supply for camping lights, projectors, speakers, electric fans, game consoles and other devices with a power of 600W, which can easily solve the problem of outdoor power consumption.