The service life of outdoor energy storage power supply

2023-03-14 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

A typical lifespan for a typical outdoor energy storage power supply is around 500 to 2500 cycles.

The number of cycles is the unit used to indicate the life of the outdoor power supply, charging + discharging counts as one cycle. That is to say, if the life of an outdoor power supply is 800 times, then when the power is charged from 0% to 100% and the power is used up at 0%, the life span is about 800 times.

The life of the energy storage power supply is shown in the number of cycles, because the standard life of the same model varies according to the conditions of use and the environment.

Taking the STW 800W portable power supply as an example, the number of cycles that can be used as a life indicator is "more than 800 times".

If you use the stored power once a week at camp, the estimated useful life is about 15 years. (800 times ÷ 52 times a year = about 15 years).

If working 5 days a week, the estimated lifespan is about 1.4 years. (800 uses per year ÷ 260 uses = approx. 1.4 years)

Estimated lifetimes are approximate only and will vary depending on usage conditions.

For those who want a powerful outdoor power supply, the 2500W STW outdoor energy storage power supply is recommended.

The STW outdoor energy storage power supply has a rated power of 2500W and a capacity of 2500Wh. It supports fast charging and has rich interfaces. It is equipped with a smart generator, which can be connected to a power pack and a smart generator at the same time. The capacity can be expanded to 12.96kWh. Among many outdoor power supplies have an overwhelming advantage.

The outdoor power supply is equipped with a large-capacity lithium battery, which can supply power for various electrical equipment. It has larger capacity and higher output than power bank. It can be connected to a solar panel and charged by solar power.