Solar fast charging, outdoor continuous power supply, STW outdoor power supply

2023-03-13 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

STW is a brand focusing on the field of outdoor electricity consumption. As a leader in the industry, it is actively developing towards the goal of "dual carbon". At the same time, clean, renewable and green energy will also be a trend, and the clean and low-cost Carbonization will be more technically demanding. The outdoor continuous power consumption method allows users to enjoy portable, green and sustainable power supply anytime and anywhere.

Next, look at the configuration of STW outdoor power supply:

The power display screen can display the current real-time input and output power, remaining power and remaining power time. It has a built-in new generation of battery management system (BMS) with dual monitoring chips, which can effectively guarantee the safety of use, real-time monitoring, and outdoor power supply. Keep abreast of the electricity safety situation at any time.

stw power station

Three groups of five-port AC strong power interfaces are all national standard interfaces and do not need to be used with adapters. It is marked with an output power of 2200W, and the left side is equipped with an independent switch button to make outdoor electricity safer.

The USB interface is naturally a must for outdoor power supplies. This outdoor power supply is equipped with two USB-A ports and supports a maximum output power of 18W.

The car charger output port supports a maximum output capacity of 120W, which is quite convenient for powering some car electrical appliances, and is equipped with an independent control switch to add a safety to use.

LED lighting, equipped with an independent switch to adjust the brightness. In case of an accident, it can be set to flash the rescue light continuously, which is convenient for search and rescue when the vision is unclear.

At the same time, it is equipped with solar fast charging technology. The back of the solar panel has its own folding bracket, which can face the sun at the best angle outdoors, so as to maximize the efficiency of solar charging and provide green energy supply anytime, anywhere.

Nowadays, portable power consumption has become an inseparable part of us, and it is impossible to imagine how to solve various work, communication and entertainment problems without electricity. With the development of outdoor power supply, the implementation of green new renewable energy. STW outdoor power supply is changing the way users around the world use electricity outdoors. I don't know if you have any thoughts on this kind of product?