How to choose STW outdoor mobile power supply?

2023-03-10 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Due to the factors of epidemic prevention and control, the traditional tourism industry has been hit hard, and the hot search news of crowded tourist attractions no longer exists. Instead, free and quiet outdoor camping has become a trendy entertainment method for chasing physical and mental freedom and embracing nature during the epidemic. .

There are many kinds of STW outdoor power banks, how should we choose in different scenarios? I will teach you today. The solution for outdoor power consumption needs to be determined according to the power of the equipment used, the usage scenario, and the length of usage time.

1. Outdoor short-term digital applications: mobile phones, tablets, cameras, notebooks and other outdoor office photographers, choose low-power 600W-600Wh or 1000W-1000Wh, and the power is within 1000wh (1 kWh) of STW outdoor mobile power supply. satisfy.

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2. In case of home power outage emergency, in addition to lighting and digital power for mobile phones, household appliances may also need to be driven. 1000W-1000Wh can be considered, and 1000w is recommended. It mainly depends on the power of household appliances.

3. Long-term outdoor travel or self-driving travel: There are needs for boiling water, cooking, a large number of digital devices, night lighting, and audio entertainment. The recommended power is 1000-2000w, and you can choose 1500W-1500Wh or 500W-2000Wh. The power is about 2 degrees, STW Outdoor power banks can meet the demand.

4. For outdoor work and construction work without mains power, it is recommended that the power be above 2000w, and the power should be above 2000wh. This configuration can basically meet the needs of general low-power operations.

Our life is inseparable from these various electronic devices. We can’t find a power source for a long time outside. The problem of insufficient power of various electronic products when we go out has become a problem for everyone. Life, "freedom of electricity" is very important.