How to choose outdoor power supply/camping power supply?

2023-03-01 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Taking advantage of weekends and holidays, it has become a fashionable life to travel in RVs with friends, camp in the wild, and go fishing. Only when you drive outdoors do you have to do enough work to enjoy the fun of camping. So how to make outdoor life more refined, first solve the most basic electricity problem!

The power bank has limited capacity, suitable for one person to go out with a mobile phone, outdoor power supply, supports various electronic devices, convenient and safer to use. Based on the above, outdoor batteries are the best choice.

stw power station

So how to choose an outdoor power supply

1. Look at the power

2. Look at the battery capacity: the larger the capacity, the longer the power supply time, choose the corresponding capacity according to the duration of your own electricity consumption

3. Look at the power supply interface: it has AC port, USB port, Type-c port, DC port, and car charging port. Fast charging is also necessary to improve the charging efficiency of mobile devices.

4. Look at the charging efficiency: the charging efficiency of outdoor power supply is reflected by the charging method and charging speed. Mainstream products can use sockets, car chargers and solar panels to charge themselves!

5. Look at the attached functions: such as LED lights, soft lights, etc.

If you also like outdoor camping and self-driving travel, you can consult to choose a suitable outdoor energy storage power supply!

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