What are the obstacles to the development of sharing charger power banks abroad?

2022-12-09 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Although the sharing chareger power bank has been verified in the domestic market, and the product can create convenience for users, and the merchants are acceptable, it is still developing slowly abroad. Mainly affected by these factors:

 ① Consumer habits

At the early stage of the development of domestic shared power bank charger station, the market of one yuan per hour began to advance slowly. However, most of the early shared power banks companies wanted to develop by burning money in the market, so many shared power banks station companies went bankrupt earlier because of the capital chain rupture. Because of the rental price of one yuan per hour, the cycle of the agent to return the cost is long. It is very good to return the cost in one year. The operators who do the sharing charger power bank business also have no profit. By 2022, the price of the shared power bank has experienced several price increases. At present, the price of the shared charger battery bank is basically stable at more than 3 yuan/hour. From the perspective of the cost recovery of the agent, the price of an 6-port shared power bank charger cabinet is within 1000 yuan, and the cost recovery cycle is within 3 months. The market pattern is open and the profit effect is obvious.

Therefore, if foreign countries want to do a good job in sharing charger power bank station, they need to cultivate the user's consumption habits and let mobile phone users accept the setting of the paid rental sharing power bank, which requires time to cultivate.

② Different payment methods

The development of domestic shared power bank rental benefits from the launch of deposit free credit score, applets, and scanning code payment, which are all very important driving factors. In foreign countries, the scanning payment is rare, for example, in many Southeast Asian countries, it still stays in the card payment stage. Therefore, in some countries where mobile phone payment is popular, priority can be given to the coverage of shared power bank.