Shared power bank rental self-service machine cooperation

2022-09-24 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      When we go out and the mobile phone is out of power, the first thing we think of is the Shared power bank. In the current environment of heavy dependence on mobile phones and insufficient battery life, the Shared power bank has increased its price many times. This seemingly profitable product has ushered in a new era. Less attention from friends, then which brand is the best for Shared power bank to rent self-service machines? I recommend STW for several reasons

      1. Complete specifications and many types

      Diversified product specifications can meet the needs of various scenarios. STW Shared power bank has small mini Shared power bank cabinets, such as 3-port and 4-port machines, which are suitable for small stores. These models do not occupy a lot of space. , get back to this book quickly.

      There are also seven and eight cabinets, which are suitable for general businesses, such as restaurants, barber shops, milk tea shops, etc.

      There are also 32-port and 48-port Shared power bank advertising machines, which are suitable for some stations, shopping plazas, bars, KTVs and other places with large passenger flow.

      Choosing a power bank to rent a self-service machine requires complete specifications, because you don’t know what kind of model the merchant needs. Only by diversifying the brands you make can you occupy more high-quality merchant resources and achieve profitability.

      2. High profit and quick return

      Most of the shared power bank brands now share 90% of the profit, and even some wonderful brands only get 80% of the profit after returning to the original market. Only friends who have been in the market know that the main profit of Shared power bank investment is in high-quality merchants, and high-quality merchants require The profit sharing ratio is high. Some merchants require 70% profit sharing, and some high-quality venues also need to buy out the entrance fee directly. When the agents only have 80% to 90% profit sharing, it is very difficult to develop merchants. of.

      At present, many brands of Shared power bank are capital backgrounds. If you want individuals to grab business with capital, you need to have your own confidence. STW Shared power bank provides 100% profit sharing support. For agents, the profit sharing is higher, the return on capital is faster, and the merchants are better developed. There are enough chips to negotiate cooperation conditions.

      3. Diversified cooperation modes

      As a power bank rental self-service machine manufacturer, STW provides a variety of solutions for merchants and agents.

      Self-purchased equipment as an agent: the profit sharing can reach 100%, and the individual can operate it. The mobile phone can manage the equipment, and the income can be credited immediately. Wait

      OEM OEM customization: suitable for enterprise operation, independent brand, individual customization, product hardware production OEM and software OEM source code development, system development, etc.

      4. Direct docking with source manufacturers

      If you choose Shared power bank to join the cooperation and find the source manufacturer, there are the following advantages:

      Long-term spot: Choose manufacturers to cooperate, and the spot is sufficient. Generally, after placing an order, it can be shipped on the same day, without waiting.

      Product upgrade: Brand owners with production and R&D capabilities have the strength to continuously upgrade and update products to ensure that products are not outdated.

      After-sales support: such as equipment repair, online processing of product customer complaints, remote upgrade and other services.

      The above are the relevant issues of STW Shared power bank rental self-service machine cooperation. If you choose Shared power bank manufacturers to cooperate, you can share up to 100% of the equipment and as little as 1 can be an agent. Welcome to consult and come to the company for on-site inspection and negotiation.