Battery generator for camping buy_power supply duration calculation

2022-07-27 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Nowadays, self-driving travel and outdoor camping have become new ways for people to relax and get close to nature. Affected by the lifestyle, large and small electrical appliances go hand in hand in outdoor activities. Mobile phones, tablets, and a power bank can be used to solve the problem. However, during long-distance travel, night fishing, or even in more harsh environments, electricity consumption will will be a big problem.

It is precisely because of this type of outdoor use demand that the 220V portable battery generator for camping has become popular in the past two years. It is simply a power supply station for outdoor equipment, which can meet the use in multiple scenarios and is more practical than a power bank. The purchase of battery generator for camping is also a learned skill! Many consumers do not know how much capacity to buy when purchasing outdoor energy storage equipment. Today, I will introduce the calculation method of battery generator for camping power supply time. In this way, everyone can reasonably choose battery generators of different capacities for camping according to the length of their outdoor activities!

With a 3000Wh (watt-hour) battery generator for camping, how many times can a laptop and projector be charged at most? Basic formula: battery generator for camping working time = power supply capacity / rated power of electrical appliances * energy consumption! At this time, there may be friends To ask, why is it not the power capacity ÷ the rated power of the appliance?

Because this is only the situation under ideal conditions, in fact, when we use the battery generator for camping, we also include the cooling fan, inverter and other accessories in the power supply are also working at the same time, there will be losses, the battery Internal resistance, so this calculation formula is also a result obtained after multiple tests.

The following are the calculation methods for different devices and different scenarios:

1. Calculation of times of use (for electronic devices with battery off state, such as mobile phones, notebooks, etc.): electric energy * 0.85 / device electric energy

2. Calculation of power supply time (devices without batteries, such as electric fans, rice cookers, etc.): electric energy*0.9/device output power

for example:

Example 1: 50w notebook (off state): 3000Wh*0.85/50Wh≈51 times

Example 3: 500W rice cooker (without battery): 3000Wh*0.9/500Wh≈5.4 hours


A 500W battery generator for camping can generally bring a 500W rice cooker and an 800W hair dryer.

Battery generators for camping above 1000W can generally bring 1000W electric kettles and induction cookers.

The battery generator for camping of about 1200W-2000W can generally bring a 1300W microwave oven and a 1600W electric oven.

Therefore, if you plan to buy battery generator for camping, you must make a decision based on your own usage!