lithium battery generator optional parameters

2022-07-05 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

      The lithium battery generator can not only charge mobile phones and computers, but also connect an electric kettle to boil a pot of boiling water to make tea anytime, anywhere. When buying, I will buy a lithium battery generator that is more lightweight, portable and powerful.

      Mainly from several aspects:

      1. Battery capacity: It is recommended to choose a large-capacity lithium battery generator to avoid repeated charging.

      2. Output power: When buying a power supply, you need to know the power or battery capacity of the equipment to be loaded, in order to know which power supply to buy and whether it can be driven.

      3. Cells: The main consideration when buying a power supply is also the cells. The cells can realize overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overpower protection, overtemperature protection, etc. Good cells have long life and performance. Stable and safe.

lithium battery generator

lithium battery generator

      4. Charging method: When the power supply is idle, there are three charging methods for charging the power supply: mains, car charger, and solar panel charging. You can choose according to your needs.

      5. Diversity of output functions: AC, DC, car charging port, DC round port, USB, Type-C fast charging, wireless charging, lighting and other functions can be selected according to needs.

      Lithium battery generator purchase suggestions:

      Charging speed: generator fast charge 1.6 hours, driving charge 9.5 hours, solar panel fast charge 3 hours

      Portability: The volume is 37.8x18.4x24cm and the weight is 10.7kg, which can be easily grasped with both hands.

      Storage capacity: about 0.9 degrees, the mobile phone (3110mAh) can be charged 47 times, the electric kettle 800W can be boiled for 53 minutes

      Power transmission mode: It can output AC 220V high power, support a variety of charging methods, and meet the needs of mobile phone charging, notebooks, induction cookers, and kettles.