How to maintain the life of the power bank generator?

2022-05-11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Buses, subways, streets and alleys are full of people bowing their heads. Our daily life has always been inseparable from mobile phones. We can pay for meals, take the subway, chat on WeChat and Weibo. Mobile phones have become part of the human body, so battery life has become a new challenge for mobile phones.

There are many improper use of power bank generators in daily use, which greatly shortens the service life of power bank generators. Today, I'm going to combine my own experience and let's share some tips on how to use a power bank generator to ensure its longevity.

The first point: charge in time, don't wait for a completely dead battery to charge

You must have heard the saying about charging your mobile phone or power bank generator: when the power is used up, turn off the battery and charge it. I tell you now, that statement is terribly wrong. Now, some electronic products use lithium batteries. If a lithium battery is over-discharged, its capacity will be weakened, affecting the lifespan of the entire device. In severe cases, it will be scrapped and may explode.

power bank generator

The second point: something that everyone is familiar with. A lot of people, myself included, plug their phone into a charger before going to bed, charge it, and unplug it the next morning. Most people also use a power bank generator, especially when traveling. But the working mechanism of mobile power supply is different from direct power supply.

In the later stage of charging, the mobile phone actually inputs a current of tens of milliamps, but some power bank generators are not so smart. If the current setting value of the sleeper is too small or not set, even if the mobile phone is fully charged with the power bank generator, it will charge with a small current. At this time, charging is completely wasteful.

The third point: If you use the power bank generator for a long time, you should avoid using it while charging

I believe that many young friends play and play while charging their mobile phones, and watch videos or play games while playing with their mobile phones while charging. But we can clearly feel that the mobile phone will be obviously hot at this time, and the high temperature will affect the service life of the lithium battery.

Fourth point: This is an urgent point that we need to focus on. This is related to the lifespan of the power bank generator and the safety of our use. There are basically two types of power bank generators on the market: lithium-ion batteries and lithium-polymer batteries. Well, the operating temperature is something we need to consider. If the ambient temperature of the power bank generator is too low or too high, the internal cell structure will be damaged, so we cannot place the power bank generator in a harsh environment. use.

Fifth point: the preservation of power bank generator is also related to the length of service life

Some electronic devices that we use in our daily life also need to be properly placed when not in use. They're not just your dirty laundry. Due to the structural design of some electronic devices, if the lithium battery is not used for a long time, the voltage of the internal cells will drop. This is what we often call the self-discharge phenomenon of lithium batteries.

The sixth point: storage time is not a problem, rather than relying on circuit protection, it is better to charge in time

Most of the power bank generators on the market now also consider the internal discharge of the battery and add a protection circuit to the design. When we don't use the power bank generator, the battery level drops to a certain value. Automatically cut off the circuit to reduce power loss.