How to choose a good power bank generator

2022-05-11 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

How to choose a good power bank generator?

The first thing to look at when purchasing an outdoor power supply is its function and its safety.

Next, let's look at how it looks, whether it is good-looking or fancy or ugly.

How about the first function: STW power bank generator is the first choice; because its capacity is as high as 1000WH, the power also reaches 1000W, and it has multiple interfaces as follows: AC, DC5521, Cigar Lighter, USB-A, USB-C, LED lighting , charging port, etc., there are as many as seven charging ports, and the USB port has as many as four ports. There are blocks and there are full, fast or slow, and some ports have a charging power of up to 120W, and the car input is also up to 120W.

power bank generator

The second point is how to be safe: very safe, STW power bank generator not only has four layers of security, but also battery management and charging management of UL-certified batteries; there is no fan noise when charging the power bank generator.

The third point is how it looks: STW power bank generator can easily see the full data management of power, time, real-time power, and status, and the LED eye protection large screen is displayed at a glance. And its appearance is an insulator, and its power supply is also wrapped in highland barley paper.