How to choose power station solar correctly?

2022-04-14 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

In recent years, the epidemic has had a great impact on everyone's life. In the past, it has become more difficult to travel abroad and across provinces. Everyone is relatively more cautious, and the desire to travel has declined. At this time, self-driving travel has become the choice of more and more people, and travel electricity is an important issue in self-driving travel.

what is power station solar
power station solar is an outdoor multi-function power supply based on lithium-ion batteries, which can output common power interfaces such as USB, USB-C, DC, AC, and car cigarette lighters. Covering all kinds of digital equipment, household appliances, vehicle emergency electrical appliances, providing backup power for outdoor travel and family emergency. At the same time, the solar energy storage can be used for a long time in areas separated from the mains.

scenes to be used
When shooting outdoors, high-power fill lights cannot be connected to the power supply; in order to prevent insufficient power for cameras, monitors, and microphones, you need to carry many different types of spare batteries with you. Long-distance self-driving tours, short-distance self-driving tours, camping, when camping in the wild, when cooking dishes with the ingredients you bring, and supplying power to kitchen appliances and appliances. When there is a sudden power outage at home, it acts as an emergency power supply to ensure temporary power consumption at critical moments. Car emergency power supply, supplementary power for the car.

Purchase focus
capacity! capacity! capacity! This is a very important point! The larger the battery capacity of a power station solar, the longer it can continue to provide output power. Many power station solar only emphasizes how much power it has, which makes it easy to ignore the capacity. If the capacity is not large enough and can only supply power for a short period of time, it does not make much sense. The battery is the core of these power supply devices. Before purchasing, the first thing to look at is how big the battery capacity is, which determines how long it can keep outputting power and how long it can provide battery life. Considering that the power station solar can be placed in the trunk of the car, the size does not need to be a priority, so if the size does not matter, try to choose a 100000mAh or more.

How to choose the capacity of power station solar?
500W to 600W power station solar, the battery capacity is about 500Wh to 600Wh, about 150,000 mAh, it can supply power for about 4-5 hours for 100W devices, about 1.7 hours for 300W devices such as rice cookers, and mobile phones can be charged for 30 hours. repeatedly. 1000W-1200W power station solar, the battery capacity is about 1000Wh, about 280,000 mAh, it can supply power for 100W devices for about 7-8 hours, 300W devices for about 2-3 hours, and the mobile phone can be charged more than 60 times ;1500-2200W power station solar, the battery capacity is about 2000Wh, about 550,000 mAh, it can supply power for 100W devices for about 15 hours, 300W devices for about 5-6 hours, and mobile phones can be charged for more than 100-150 hours Second-rate;

The power of the power station solar determines what kind of equipment can be used. For example, if you want to cook outdoors, use a rice cooker or an induction cooker, you need a relatively high power. Otherwise, the power supply will trigger self-protection and cannot supply power normally.

volume and weight
The volume and weight are mainly considerations of portability and occupied space. If it is used in the car for travel, it is fine, but if it is to be used for outdoor shooting and power supply for digital equipment, then bring a large and heavy power station solar will still be a bit of a hassle.

power station solar

charging method
In terms of charging methods, the more the better, for example, when traveling outdoors, there is not often the opportunity to charge the mains, and the charging time is not short, so you can use the car to charge, it will be more convenient, and even use The solar panel is charged, placed on the roof to absorb solar energy, and it can be fully charged in a few hours, which is convenient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Whether to support Type-C, wireless charging, etc.
Nowadays, many digital devices are Type-C cables or even wireless charging, so the power station solar that supports these types of devices will be more convenient to use. Some product models do not support it, so everyone can be careful when choosing. , to see if there is a need for this.

Is there an LED light
In fact, most power station solar LED lights have LED lights, which are mainly used in outdoor lighting, power outage emergency, and help. You can also pay attention to them when purchasing.

The pits to pay attention to when purchasing
1. The hidden dangers of charging safety are mainly the battery quality and protection function. If the quality of the power supply is not good, it is prone to fire or even explosion. Please choose regular products from regular channels and stay away from low-priced and inferior products.
2. The problem of cost performance. Some big brands have large advertising investment and high operating costs, resulting in high price and low energy, costing several thousand yuan, but the electricity and power are not enough. The brand selection can choose the central brand, and the cost performance is relatively high.
3. It is bulky and not easy to carry. Some brands have introduced high-frequency resonance technology, which can effectively reduce the volume by 30%-50%.
4. The shell is fragile, using engineering plastics, and it is fragile when it is bumped or dropped. Many no-name brands and some big brands also have this problem.
5. The heat generation is large and the inverter efficiency is low. Then, the engineering plastic casing is used, and the heat dissipation is poor. A large number of cooling holes have to be opened to increase the heat dissipation of the fan. The noise is large, and the dust and water vapor corrode the internal circuit of the product, causing safety hazards and reducing product life.
6. False standard or chaotic matching of parameters. Some products have false battery labels, which are mostly seen in low-priced and low-quality products. Some products are eye-catching and have launched products with high power but very small capacity, which are sold as high-end products. batteries, reducing costs.

If it is a short trip/camping, it is recommended to focus on light weight, small size and easy portability.

If it is a long trip, it is recommended to focus on battery capacity, endurance, and charging methods.