How to choose a portable power station?

2022-04-14 Shenzhen Zhongxinli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 0

Buying a portable power station mainly considers the following aspects:

1. Battery capacity: It is recommended to choose a large-capacity portable power station to avoid repeated charging.

2. Output power: When buying a power supply, you must know the power or battery capacity of the equipment to be loaded, so as to know which power supply to buy and whether it can be driven.

3. Cells: The main consideration when buying a power supply is also the cells. The cells can realize overcurrent protection, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection, overpower protection, overtemperature protection, etc. Good cells have long life and performance. Stable and safe.

4. Charging method: When the power supply is idle, the charging method of the power supply: the general power supply has three charging methods: mains, car charger, and solar panel charging. You can choose according to your needs.

5. Diversity of output functions: select AC, DC, car charging port, DC round port, USB, Type-C fast charging, wireless charging, lighting and other functions according to your needs.

portable power station

Is a portable power station necessary?
Compared with the ordinary mobile power supply, the biggest feature of the portable power station is that it supports 220V AC power. The high-power portable power station is not a problem for outdoor camping and cooking, and it can even charge electric vehicles. It is a fully functional and Powerful portable "power station". Of course, in the home scenario, in the case of temporary power outages or sudden power outages, the portable power station can output continuous and stable power to maintain the normal power consumption of the equipment, and lighting, cooking, and office work are not a problem.

Advantages of STW portable power station

The STW outdoor mobile AC port adopts a distortion-free sine wave output current, the waveform is stable, and does not damage the electrical appliance. The USB-C interface supports two-way 60WPD fast charging and is compatible with a variety of digital fast charging devices. Emergency charging can also be one step faster. When charging the device, 60WPD fast charging can also be achieved. The fuselage adopts aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell, with rounded corner design, intimate anti-collision, delicate matte texture of the fuselage, comfortable touch and good texture.

STW fast charging portable power station adopts UL certified high-rate batteries, which is safe and fast charging is not false, long cycle life, less than 100 minutes full charge, and three times faster charging speed. And adopt MPPT intelligent algorithm, maximum power point tracking, with solar charging board, enjoy green energy. Comes with BMS eight-fold safety protection, intelligent battery management system, monitoring, protection, balance, alarm, safe and reliable.

STW portable power station 1100Pro adopts PCP superposition technology, which not only doubles the capacity, but also doubles the power. With multi-button output, multiple devices can be used at the same time. Built-in high-rate automotive-grade power cells, stable output of pure sine wave, capacity is not false, and long service life. Equipped with BMS intelligent system, 6 major protections accurately match the safety of electricity consumption.

STW portable power station uses power cells, from research and development to factories, from production to quality inspection, through 9 strict quality inspection procedures, ensuring safe power consumption and longer service life. Support PD25W, QC3.0 fast charging, multiple output interfaces, suitable for power supply of various devices. 4 cooling air outlets, intelligent temperature control, the stone is not turned on when the temperature is normal, saves power, and automatically turns on the cooling when the temperature rises.

STW portable power station 600 has three output sockets, 622Wh high power, and power supply is readily available. It can charge and supply power for various electrical devices. There is no need to wait for electricity, and multiple stations can be charged at the same time without interfering with each other. The built-in 220V AC inverter supports camping lights, projectors, speakers, electric fans, game consoles and other equipment with a power of 600W, which can easily solve the problem of outdoor power consumption.