Shared power bank station for restaurant bar

More and more restaurants giants, Starbucks like shown on the image, have begun to adopt the shared power bank station with advertising or menu on.

When people come to drink a cup of coffee with friends or enjoy a delicious dinner with their family in your restaurants, they would always like to record those pleasant memories. However, it would be disappointing that they need to charge their cellphones and leave ahead of schedule if cellphone battery is drained.


Not only that, everyone has at least one cellphone nowadays. Hence, it will attract more customers to your restaurants, as there will be shared power bank for their convenience and they would no longer worry about that their cellphones in low power. More students are willing to stay and study longer in your cafe. They can play games without the fear of running out of power when they have a break from studying. Likewise, businessmen would prefer to go to your restaurant for their cooperation discussion.

Advertising power banks and restaurant menu power banks become a great chance for promotion. In the meanwhile, it has been an incentive for consumers to dine in your restaurants. You can insert your ads in both sides of the holder.

As mentioned above, restaurant menu power bank can upgrade the image of tour brands, maintain brand dependence, win customer loyalty, and make them stay longer in your restaurants.

Restaurants can post company’s LOGO or menu on the share power bank stations directly to brand yourselves.