Application customization

More intelligent APP, users can quickly get familiar with and use.

How to use app


Custom UI & Map


The concise APP UI can highlight the key points and reduce the user’s operations as much as possible, and leave everything to the APP.

About UI: You can provide your UI design file or we can help you design the UI

You can add the location of the charging station to the map and the customer can quickly find the charging station.

Usually we recommend using Google Maps, of course we can also use other maps as needed.


Registration and Profile management

How to register and log in

We currently support phone Numbers, Facebook accounts, and Google accounts. Once you’ve registered, you can log into the app


Personal profile management

A clear user profile page allows users to manage their profile quickly and easily.

Personal Profile

Support multiple payment methods, paying at a glance.

We support multiple payment methods like Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Credit Card. You can also order local payment methods.

Terms & Languages


Language customization is supported, with English as the default, and multiple languages can be added.


Terms and Conditions

Clear terms and QA content can help customers solve problems quickly.